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Swapping Crafts and Crafty Stuff

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[04 Sep 2010|04:12pm]

  • my name is Tiffany
  • I just turned 22
  • I'm from Massachusetts
  • I have serious family issues
  • I'm a super nerd
  • I have a job.. that I talk a lot about

  • photography
  • writing
  • travel
  • beaches/ocean
  • sunrises and sunsets
  • gelato
  • italy
  • learning the italian language
  • nature
  • buddhist
  • former pothead
  • halloween
  • music: the kooks, sublime, vampire weekend, jack johnson, guns n roses, classic rock, indie, alternative rock
  • tv: glee, secret life of the american teenager, pretty little liars, the biggest loser, the vampire diaries
  • color: jade green, turquoise, yellow


  • what I eat every single day: greek salad from work
  • I'm a vegetarian.. sometimes pescetarian (I sometimes eat a tuna sandwich at work)
  • I love learning about different cultures
  • I'm going to try to update and comment everyday
  • I went on a hiatus from Livejournal a while ago and lost a lot of friends but I'm baaack!
  • what I post on my journal: photos, stuff about family/friends/work/life, travels, surveys, adayinmylife posts, communities, whatsinmypurse, etc etc

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UPDATED with more instocks. don't miss it! (: [05 May 2010|12:59am]
i have instocks from :

Victoria secrets,
Cotton on,
Vivi magazine,
Sexy diamond,
Taiwan spree ,
Korean spree.

trades are welcome (:
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[17 Feb 2010|04:11pm]

click the image to join!
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Testing, testing... [08 Jan 2010|02:55am]

I wonder if anybody even reads this community anymore? I'm hoping maybe someone will want to join me for a themed craft swap. This is just a post to see if anybody's still alive, then I'll post details. lol. ^_^


Yayyy responses! :D

More details under the cut here!Collapse )
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[21 May 2009|07:05pm]

its a longshot, this community hasnt been updated in almost a year, and i know i posted two posts back, but im looking for empty gift cards again!

of any sort, from any store, even in duplications. im wanting to make bracelets,charms, and guitar picks for gifts for some friends and family members. ill gladly pay for shipping via paypal. so if you ahve any laying around that you dont want,please help me out :]
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[16 Aug 2008|02:52pm]

My favourite things... :)
133.56 КБ
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[09 Aug 2008|12:10am]

hey everyone, newbie here :]

soon i will be cleaning out my room and will post craft supplies i am willing to part with.

but for now, i have a request.

i am looking for empty giftcards ( from ANY store, i love colors and patterns, and dont mind having duplicates)
also, empty prepaid credit cards, or even old debit/ credit cards.
( it sounds weird i know, im not wanting your numbers, what i want is the card logo.so if you would like to cut the numbers/name out thats fine :] )

im willing to pay for shipping. i live in jacksonville florida.
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[01 Aug 2008|11:34am]
I'm looking for wallpaper samples (preferably of floral or other formal-looking prints--no children's themes). Does anyone have some they would like to swap? I have several items to swap, and can provide a list. However, please let me know specifically what you would like.

Thank you.
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anyone up for a swap? [07 Jul 2008|11:22am]

heya all! i am new to the community but have a huge amount of crafty things that i am keen on swapping on to other people... i have things like

*coloured raw wool
*loads of strung wool
*felting kits

lots of things like that, really. anyone keen for a swapping partner?
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Toy Soldiers Unite!! [24 Mar 2008|02:52pm]

If any crafty person out there would be willing to make me up a 1.5" round button of this image:

...I'll happily make you just about anything in return! Take a look at my website to get some ideas of the sort of thing I could do for ya! ^_^

And thanks!!! :D :D And... Hail Dr. Steel!! :D
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Spring Cleaning! [19 Mar 2008|06:54pm]

Today I cleaned out my fabric stash of remnants (I had an addiction to buying them a few years ago). I have tons I want to get rid of and pass along to other crafters. They are all free for the taking, I just ask for some assistance with shipping. I'd also be willing to swap instead.

Check out the fabrics at my personal LJ and post a comment there if you are interested. I can only ship in the US, sorry.
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FBz [02 Nov 2007|04:42pm]


 Is there anyone out there in need or FB'z???.....Drop me a note I have tons to share and swap...
 Have a GREAT wkend!!!


La Tempted*

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Hello everyone! [01 Nov 2007|12:50pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi!  I've never posted anything before and I'm new to this community, but I'm interested in pen pals and people who would like to trade crochet items and other crafts.  My grandma who taught me to crochet and encouraged my creative side recently passed away and I'm really looking for a way to keep doing what I love and I'd love to send other people things.
If you're interested, my email address is: aimeesux@hotmail.com

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[29 Oct 2007|05:52pm]

Heyy! We've got all this stuff for sale, most stuff is $1.00 - $2.00
and trades are welcome!

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Banned [01 Oct 2007|08:11am]

Just a note to let you all know that the person who has been spamming the community with advertisements has been banned. I gave three warnings and even contacted her directly to ask her to please stop.

We have a strict "no selling" policy so that we can all swap without distractions. Even though it's been a bit quiet around here lately, I'm still around making sure that we don't get over run with advertisements.

Happy swaping!
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xstitch canvas and fabric [25 Sep 2007|02:15pm]


There are about eight placemat sized canvases in several colors, and some random fabric.

Must take all. I got it from a neighbor.

Not a swap.. just a gimme. All I ask is a thank you postard in return :)

Post interest and I'll supply an email for snail mail address.

edited to add : US ONLY. Sorry, I'm just not willing to spend $20 to ship overseas, the materials just arent worth that much
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[21 Sep 2007|05:37pm]
I am desperately trying to get rid of some of my art/craft supplies, and I'd love for them to go to people who will enjoy them and make good use of them. What I have to offer will probably be of most use to collage and mixed media artists, but be sure to take a look no matter what you do.

I have:
- stickers
- many millions of bits of random paper and ephemera; including tickets, pages from old books, pieces of scrapbook paper, notes written by people I don't know, old used stamps- I could go on and on. This is what I have most of.
- if someone could tell me a good way to mail them without bending them (or if you didn't mind that they were bent) then I have lots of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.
- hundreds of colours of embroidery floss
- many many random playing cards, from when I was really into making ATCs. If there's a specific number you want, or you'd just like them for ATC blanks, I've got plenty.
- more things that I don't have access to at this very moment, I will update this list or post a new one soon.

All I want in return:
- stamps
- letters/postcards from you (as a casual letter or penpal)
- jokers and ace of spades cards
- random little charms and beads, because I'm looking to make some earrings

Comment here or email me if you're interested. My email is apopleptic2@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from people,
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Let's swap! [21 Sep 2007|03:30pm]

[ mood | creative ]

 Hey everyone!I'm looking for new swappers interested in trading:

-stickers(lots of them!)
-postcards, greetings cards
-cute cell phone charms

I'm always up for a swap!Can't wait to hear from you!


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The swap to conquer all swaps! [09 Jul 2007|12:41pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay, guys. Turns out, I've been appointed moderator! liebshcien felt it was time the community needed to be in new hands, so two pairs it is! srain and I have been chosen and I'm ecstatic. Since I have very recently begun a new community, cheerycraft, I will be needing to focus and nurture it for awhile, but I'm still having very high hopes for Swap Stuff. I've just contacted srain actually, and I'm hoping that soon we will discuss a big seasonal swap (to make tradition if all goes well). Promotion is going to be a big factor too, and I just can't wait. Anyone who wants to donate a banner would be loved forevermore! Other than that, I'm all out of things to say. Please stay tuned!


Hello, everyone! New to the community but a long-time lurker (under a different screenname though, this one's new). Doesn't it seem that things have gone a bit, well, dead around here? Empty of craft anyway! I propose a craft swap!

Anyone who's interested really, and if a few people comment, then it must mean that we are all interested in the same things, so perhaps commenters can turn around and swap with each other as well! Just a thought.

Here's a little survey I filled out for myself, for anyone who might be interested in crafting with me. If you could fill out the survey too, or just give me a blurb with the same information, that'd be awesome. Comment or e-mail me at jojin(at)alltel(dot)net, and be sure to tell me what for and what's your LJ name, lest I be completely confused.

I'm planning on putting a little portfolio together (maybe at the end of this week or next week, when my current swapper receives her stuff and can take pictures), and if anyone else would do that, it would give everyone a better idea of what they can do.

Alright, here we go!

Loads of crafter information ahead!Collapse )

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Candy Swap [16 Jun 2007|03:39pm]


Hello. I was wondering if anyone is interested in doing a candy swap with me? I have Asian/Japanese, American, & some Mexican candies. Please let me knoe & email me at tokaii_angel@yahoo.com 

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